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VafPress Post Format UI Plugin

The Vafpress plugin is used to have more media options for your posts, such as gallery posts, audio posts and video posts. To use this plugin, you need to be in the post editor, so create a new post by going to Posts > Add New. You will see just above the post title field 4 tabs - ‘Standard’, ‘Gallery’, ‘Video’ and ‘Audio’. By default, the standard tab is selected, and is, quite self-explanatory, for standard posts!

So let’s start by creating a gallery post. The gallery will be in the form of a slider and will appear instead of a featured image in the default blog layout so you would need to assign a featured image to your post for it to appear on the other blog layouts such as List and Grid. The gallery will also appear within the post itself. Click the gallery tab and then click the ‘Pick images’ button. You will then be presented with the images in your media library. You can select multiple images from the media library to add to the gallery or you can upload new ones. Hold down the shift key to select more than one image. Please note, the gallery looks best when all the images have the same dimensions, ie. same height and same width for all.

The next tab along is for Video posts. Again set an additional featured image for a video post. In our theme demos, we have used videos from Vimeo to be used for the video posts. You can enter either the video URL or the embed code by clicking on the share button on the video of your choice.

The tab after video posts is Audio Posts. Once again, set an additional featured image for an audio post. We used audio from SoundCloud in our theme demos and we used the embed code for this, however you can use the audio stream URL but you will have more flexibility over how the audio will display if you use the embed code. Please note, do not tick the ‘WordPress Code’ box, this will create a shortcode that won’t work with the VafPress plugin.