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​Importing the Demo Content

If you want to import our sample content for your new theme so that the theme looks like it does in the demo, we recommend that you update your theme to the latest version first if it isn’t already. To update the theme navigate to Appearance > Themes and an alert will appear over the theme image if an update is available. It is also recommended that you install and activate all of the required plugins that come bundled with your theme before the demo content is imported.

Once you are ready to import the demo content navigate to Tools > Import. Find the WordPress importer from the list and click Install Now and then Run Importer. Next click on the Choose File button and browse your files for the ‘’ folder that you would have downloaded on purchase and select the ‘yourtheme-demo-content.xml’ file. Then click the Upload File and Import button. On the next screen you need to assign the author of the imported content to your own username rather than the demo author. Under Import Attachments tick ‘Download and import file attachments’ and then click Submit. It may take a little bit of time for all the demo content to import but once you see the ‘All done, have fun’ message, you are good to go!

Once the demo content is imported you will need to assign the menu to the correct location. To do this, navigate to Appearance > Menus and then under Menu Settings, tick the Primary and Mobile menu locations (if applicable) and click Save Menu. Your menu will now be set up correctly.

Please take a look at the video below showing the steps on how to import the demo content.